I am  a multi-talented artist who has 4 boys and live in Northern California. I write poems, children’s books, short stories, and  working on several screenplays. I draw, paint and create photo-manipulations. I have  my Certificate in Culinary Art specializing in Ice Carving and Garde Manger [gahrd mahn-ZHAY]. I have  been writing and making art from a young age and within the last year  found a true artistic and mental calling in the form of screenwriting. In June of 2009 I  first had a thought of turning one of my stories into a screenplay and have since started 7 different ones that I work on sharing time between them all. I am currently writing full time on one titled Cupids Assistant. I am a christian gothic tomboy and self proclaimed flibbertigibbet. I am an Audio/Visual geek and plan to write/direct/produce my own movies in the near future. You can find me at the following places here on the internet; Twitter @Beccabue, Facebook under Becca Legassie, Deviant Art at http://beckabue.deviantart.com/ and here on my own website http://beccasmind.com/. Any other questions just ask.


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