When White Mirrors Black

Posted: November 25, 2010 in writing

When I was born my whiteness wasn’t born with me only my blackness. My soul was unsure how to move forward at a constant pace. It would stop for every whiteness it would see hoping it was what was missing. Years went by and my soul started to doubt that it would ever find what it needed. Finally my soul gave up the search and chose to go on as it was and make the most of it. It simply said “Soul, you are what you are so embrace it”. So that’s just what my soul did. Life got easier and my soul was living the best it could. But once in a while late at night when all was quiet my soul still missed its whiteness.

One very normal day my soul was out and about living life not realizing what the day would bring. That was the day the most brightest whiteness my soul had ever seen appeared. It was soft and bright and wonderful. My soul opened and expanded to feel all that the whiteness was.

The whiteness would come and go for a while and my soul would miss it when it was gone. Then the whiteness started coming around more and more which made my soul happy. The soul that the whiteness belongs to is amazing and wonderful. My soul has finally found the whiteness it hadn’t been born with. The whiteness that mirrors my blackness.



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