a little ranting

Posted: November 25, 2010 in writing

I just feel like ranting little bit here. Most people don’t read this so I feel safe saying  just about anything on here. I am always worried about saying the wrong thing but at the same time if I don’t say how and what I feel then I’m not being true to myself. So the question then comes up which am I afraid of more being me or keeping things to myself and not upsetting others.

I think that if those who love me or at least like me can’t take what I have to say to or about them then that is their problem not mine. I should never be sorry for sharing my heart with others but alas sometimes I’m scared I have gone to far.

You make me feel things and I want to tell you but then I stress and worry about it until you talk to me like every thing is fine. I never quite know where I stand with you but I love you beyond that. I love you unconditionally and that will never change. I have tried to stop but it doesn’t work so I have given up. I love you plain and simple.


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