Posted: August 24, 2010 in just because, writing
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I have this friend who says I have much more faith in him then he has in himself. His actual words were “I have no faith in myself” and all I wanted to do was cry. This guy is amazing and he doesn’t even seem to know it. He takes people for who and what they are even a very twisted crazy artist/writer like me.

I have met people in my life that I have been glad are there and that I have hoped wouldn’t leave and this guy is on that list. Granted it is a very short list because most people see me as too odd to really want to get to know me (which is true, the odd part, that is). From the first time I met him I knew he was a special person and I am right. I’m always right so there!!!

I can get a little talkitive and spill my guts like there is no tomorrow but he even took that in stride. He also calls me on my “Bull Shit” and doesn’t  let me get away with undoing things.

I just wanted to share this amazing person with anyone who takes the time to read my dribble. I wish a person like him in everyones life because it would be that much richer.

p.s. and to my friend, thank you for being who you are. Don’t ever change anything about you.


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