Life’s Little Jokes

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Life has a way of taking you and turning you upside down, spining you till you’re sick and then setting you down flat on your face!

Life has a sense of humor when it takes a square and tries to shove it into a round hole.

Life allows you to see beauty in the biggest obstacles standing right in front of you. You know, the ones that most people would over look because it doesn’t fit in with what they think they want.

Life shows you how to love knowing that at any moment that person will walk away. That love you feel could be used against you and hurt you. But that same love could be the purest love you have ever known. To love someone in spite of who or what they are.

Life puts people in your path to make your life worth living.

You are special, you are amazing, and you make me laugh. You might not know who you are but I do and that is all that matters! Sleep sweet my friend.

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