Thoughts on the deconstruction of “Shutter Island” done by Larry Brooks

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Uncategorized, writing

I have been faithfully  reading every  blog post  written by Larry Brooks since August 28 2009. I read through the deconstructions of other movies he has done but non of them touched my brain like this one did.

I want to make it clear that I had not been able to see “Shutter Island” before the first post went up on 4/20/2010 but I had to read it anyway. I went into this with the same mind set that I always do when reading his posts, to get good information that I could later use.  I had not really ever thought about watching “Shutter Island” because the previews I had seen just did not catch my interest. Then I read ” Thirdly, the story is extraordinarily complex, nuanced and uncompromisingly brilliant. This isn’t an entry-level deconstruction, it’s like learning to fly by taking lessons in an F-18.” in that post and I was intrigued. I was able to get my hands on the movie so I was able to watch some of  it before the post on 4/25/2010. I chose at that time to watch it slowly as I read through each post that Larry gave us. I would advise each of you who have taken the time to read through the whole set of posts on “Shutter Island” to do just that because you will get 200% more out of what you are learning.

I love movies and love to break them down to what they are really trying to get us to see. If I had watched this movie on it’s own my mind would have shut down because of how not quite right some of the scenes were. To watch it instead as I am reading Larry’s post put my mind into the proper unconnected box it needed to be in so as not to shut down.

Knowing the former work of DiCaprio and loving most of his movies had I not of known what was truly going on I would have been disappointed  in him. I would have continued to watch the movie because that is just how I am, if I start a movie I have to finish it. To just watch this movie  as any Joe Blow in the theater would watch it means you would only get about 20% out of it. My brother and sister-in-law did go see it and just didn’t get it and told others not to bother. But take a writer who now knows the end because of deconstructing it and they are getting 120% out of it. Their mind has been falayed open to a point that is now big enough to truly understand or at least accept what is going on.

Larry is able to show you in the easiest barest ways just what the writer Lehane has done to you with this movie. You have to know the meaning of the right words (the trade words) in order to understand each aspect of any deconstruction which Larry does for you.

This movie is epic for me and I am telling every one to see it when they can. My parents who don’t watch scary freaky movies said that they would not watch it until I told them that they should. IT IS THAT GOOD!

I am going to read the book as soon as it gets here and I will be going through Larry’s deconstruction while reading it. I look forward as always to what Larry will send us next.

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