A Contest and a script

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

So I’m in a contest from here  http://aplaceforwriters.wordpress.com/ in which we had to write 500 or more words using one of the prompts that are up for the contest. Well with the fact that I am writing a screenplay I thought I would try to use one for that. I used the first one that was up but I had to make it present tense not past tense. Below you will find a excerpt from the screenplay. I am writing the screenplay for Script Frenzy that starts April 1, 2010 and runs till the end of the month, you can find that here http://scriptfrenzy.org/

Cupids Assistant (one scene from it)


          From doorway of shop pan to left down sidewalk                   
          Man and Woman standing in front of the shop window having a      

          very heated argument                                             
          From inside shop focus thru window on Man and Woman standing     

          on other side of window still arguing                            

          CONTINUED:                                              2.       

          Pull back until the whole shop is seen from Beth’s point of      
          view while standing behind the main counter                      

          Beth turns to Eric on her right, focus on Eric who is            
          looking down organizing order forms                              

                    It’s sad to see people upset with                      

                    each other.                                            
          Without looking up                                               

                    Why do you say that?                                   

          Pull back more to include Beth in shot                           

                    Do you see that couple out in front                    
                    of the window. . .                                     

          Beth points toward window as Eric looks up and NODS his head     

                              BETH (cont’d)                                
                    I have been watching them quarrel                      
                    for a few minutes now and it just                      

                    breaks my heart. It’s only three                       
                    more days till Valentines Day and                      
                    they should be happy not upset. I                      

                    wish I could do something for them.                    
          TURNING to Beth Eric SHRUGS,PATS her arm then looks back         

          down at order forms                                              
          Without looking back up he says                                  

                    So why don’t you. . . you usually                      

                    have no problem patching up couples                    
          Focus on Beth in thought for a few breaths                       

          Her face brightens, she looks around the shop a minute or        
          two, zeros in on a set of stuffed monkeys that are connected     

          by their hands, they are a boy and girl that play the song       
          "You Light Up My Life"                                           

                    I have an idea I’ll be right back                      

          On Beth                                                          
          She walks over to the monkey’s on the shelf, picks them up       

          and heads toward the door                                        

          CONTINUED:                                              3.       

          On Eric                                                          

          Eric looks up smiles, shakes his head, laughs a little then      

                    I knew you couldn’t resist it.                         

          On Beth                                                          

          As Beth grabs the door handle she looks back over her left       
          shoulder at Eric                                                 

                    You better be careful or your boss                     
                    just might fire you.                                   

          Back to Eric at counter still looking down                       

                    OH! I’m so scared.                                     

          On Beth at door                                                  
          While laughing she turns the door handle and heads out the       

                                               FADE TO BRIGHT SUNLIGHT

  1. becca918 says:

    I have already changed the song that the monkey’s will play. It will be “Have I Told You Lately” -Van Morris

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