Full plate

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Do you ever sit and realize just how much you have on your plate on any given day? I was just doing that last night as I was trying to figure our how to add one more thing to my daily to do list. It’s not enough that I am a single mom with 4 growing boys who need a lot of things. I am also VERY determined to finish some thing that I have started which in it’s self will be a very big job. I came to the realization that for things to move forward at a good pace the best thing for me to do is get some projects done. I couldn’t even seem to sit through a memorial for a friend of mine without thinking what an amazing screenplay that would be. This man lived such a full and wonderful life and I truly feel it should be told.

To make matters crazier for me I have joined the Script Frenzy for the month of April and in which I will have to write over 3 1/2 pages a day just to make it. I am finding that if I set some goals for myself then I dent to get things done better. When you are an Obbsesive/Compulsive adult with ADD it makes life hard. I tend to start things but not finish them but because of the obbsessiveness I don’t forget whats going on I just get side traced at times.

I will chat with you all later.



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