A Man and His Dog (a silly little skit)

Posted: February 20, 2010 in writing
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A Man and his Dog
Becca Legassie

Scene 1
A lady is sitting on a park bench reading a book
with a large purse beside her on the bench.

A man walks up holding an empty leash and stops in
front of the lady

Have you seen my dog?

Lady lowers book to her lap and looks up at the

I’m not sure what’s it’s name?

Not My Dog

Lady tilts her head to the side and with a
questioning look on her face says

But I thought we were talking about your dog.

Man frowns and slumps his shoulders

We are talking about my dog. I just need to know if you
have seen him.

Lady puts the book marker into the book and lays it back into her lap. She appears to be a little nervous

Okay Sir, we’re talking about your dog. So what is his
name and will he come when you call?

Man looks happy that she is willing to help and he
becomes more animated

Not My Dog

Lady sighs, puts head down for a few seconds, puts
book into purse, then looks at the man again


If we are not talking about your dog then whose dog is it?

Man’s mouth drops open and he stares at her for a
few seconds, closes his mouth, shakes his head and
tries again

Please stay on the right subject Madam,We are talking
about my dog

Man puts his head in his hands and groans.

Lady scoots to the edge of the bench as thou she
just wants to get up and leave

Fine Sir why don’t you tell me what he looks like

Man looks up and smiles

He’s about knee high
(he demonstrates with his hand at his
Has really long ears, is black with two red spots, and
no tail

Lady lifts one eye brow, covers her mouth to keep
from laughing, takes a deep breath and says

Funny looking dog

Man throws his hands up in the air flining the
leash behind him as he SHOUTS

NO THAT’S MY CAT! I am looking for my dog!

He stomps off just as the lady bursts out laughing
so hard she almost fell off of the bentch

A cat that looks like a dog and a dog that’s not his

Lady stands up, grabs her purse and heads in the
opposite directions still shaking her head


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